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Are you facing the problem of a sunken driveway, causing damages to your vehicle and potentially to your foundation? Don’t worry; our experienced and professional team at Ottawa Paving Contractors is here to provide a solution. We specialize in installing asphalt garage ramps, ensuring your parking facility’s functionality and safety while increasing its value. Read on to learn more about our installation process and the benefits of working with us.


The Importance of Asphalt Garage Ramps

Asphalt garage ramps are an essential component of any parking facility. They provide safe and easy access to your garage space while also preventing damage to your vehicles. When your driveway is first laid, it is flush with the lip of your garage, sloping downward to ensure water flows away from your home. However, over time, the asphalt moves, causing the driveway to sink and potentially leading to damage. A properly installed ramp can fix this issue and prevent further damage by providing a properly graded surface for vehicle traffic and creating proper water runoff.

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Our Asphalt Garage Ramp Installation Process

Our asphalt garage ramp installation process involves several steps to ensure the ramp is installed correctly and meets all safety standards.


Preparation of the Surface

The first thing to do is to prepare the surface by removing any debris, dirt, or loose asphalt. This step ensures that the ramp will adhere correctly to the driveway and create a stable base.


Laying Down a Base Layer

The next step is to lay down a base layer of crushed stone and compact it to create a strong foundation for the ramp.


Placing the Asphalt Mixture

Once the base layer is in place, we then place the hot asphalt mixture on top, ensuring it is at the correct slope, width, and length to meet the specific needs of the facility and its users.


Compacting the Surface

We then use a gas-powered plate compactor to compact the freshly laid asphalt, ensuring the ramp keeps its perfect form and doesn’t break under the weight of the vehicle.


Finishing the Job

Finally, we finish the job by adding a sealant to protect the ramp from the elements and provide a sleek finish.


The Benefits of Working with Us

At Ottawa Paving Contractors, we prioritize using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your ramp is durable, long-lasting, and looks amazing. Some of the other benefits include:


Hot Asphalt Ramp Installation

We use hot asphalt sourced directly from the asphalt plant instead of cold and store-bought bagged asphalt. As a result, the ramp will be more durable and powerful and can survive bad weather and high traffic. 


State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have invested in the best equipment, including a Marathon Hot Box and a gas-powered plate compactor, to ensure optimal results for your ramp installation.


Professionally Trained Technicians

Our technicians have years of experience providing asphalt maintenance services. They are professionally trained in using specialized equipment, ensuring your ramp installation is done correctly and efficiently.

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Residential Paving Services in Ottawa

Ottawa Asphalt Paving provide home owners with a comprehensive range of residential paving services in Ottawa to keep their home looking its best.  Some of our paving services include:

  • Driveway Paving: We follow a meticulous process for driveway asphalt installation to ensure that your new driveway is durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Asphalt repairs: We offer a wide range of asphalt repair services to address any cracks, potholes, or other damages that may occur over time.
  • Driveway sealing: Apart from repairing structural failures, the advantages of driveway seal coating include beautification, easier maintenance, slowing water infiltration, resistance to oil spills.

  • Retaining wall: At Ottawa Asphalt Paving, we offer a variety of retaining wall options ( Garden wall, Steps ) to suit your style and budget.


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